RFDL-11 Funk-Bewegungsmelder, 11m

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Produktinformationen "RFDL-11 Funk-Bewegungsmelder, 11m"
Für den Einsatz in Europa, Afrika und Australien.
  • 11 m x 11 m (35 ft x 35 ft) coverage
  • Pet Immunity up to 45 kg (100 lb)
  • Includes battery life extension feature
  • Draft and insect immunity
  • Supervised for low-battery, cover-tamper, and removal from mounting surface tamper conditions
  • Operational up to 5 years using 4 user replaceable AA Alkaline Batteries


Technische Informationen
Dimensions: x 138 mm x 72 mm x 64 mm (5.5 in x 2.8 in x 2.5 in)
Internal Coverage Pointability: x Vertical: -4゚ to -10゚
Alarm Indicator x Blue LED for TriTech alarms Green LED for microwave detection Red LED for PIR detection
Sensitivity Selection: x Field selectable for standard or intermediate sensitivity.
Power/Voltage: x Four AA Alkaline batteries, 1.5 VDC (1.5 VDC x 4 batteries = 6 VDC total)
Battery life: x Up to 5 years
Environmental Considerations
Temperature: x Functional range: -10゚C to +49゚(+14゚F to +120゚F)
Relative Humidity: x Up to 93% non-condensing
Cover and Wall Tamper Switch: x Transmits a tamper switch signal when the unit is removed from its base, or the mounting surface.
Frequency: x 433.42 MHz
Use: x Intended for indoor use.